Pallet Houses – Southern Methodist University

As a symbol of sustainability, Southern Methodist University‘s new Master’s of Arts in Sustainability and Development unveiled a new “pallet house.” The 250-square-foot house was constructed using 55 shipping pallets. Check out the images here.

Shipping pallets is an innovative idea for recycling materials into housing. What ideas do you have? Submit your proposals at


5 thoughts on “Pallet Houses – Southern Methodist University

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  2. I am concerned that the pesticides, fungicides, and formaldehyde which are used to protect pallets will pose a serious hazard to the occupants of the home. There would be no way to know which toxins are built into the material, or how they might interact with each other.

    • All pallets have a marking for either MB: methyl bromide or HT: heat treated. I worked on a project on the Pine Ridge reservation building an earthen plastered straw insulated pallet home and we only used heat treated pallets. Mostly very hard cured oak. We made double pallet walls and staggered the rows so it’s actually a stronger and stiffer structure than a standard 8 ft stud framed house.

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